90 Ball Bingo

The 90 Ball Bingo Game has its origin in the United Kingdom and Australia. In both of these continents the game is a tradition.

The 90 Ball Bingo Game is very similar to the 75 Ball Bingo Game. Here the player needs to purchase the bingo cards/ tickets and then fills in the numbers, as per the numbers announced by the caller. If the player fills all the numbers in the winning pattern that the game requires, he wins the game.

Although there is the same basic foundation in both the 90 Ball Bingo and the 75 Ball Bingo, yet there are some major differences between these games. For instance, in the 90 Ball Bingo Game the cards or the tickets have 3 rows and 9 columns. There are digits ranging from 1 to 90 in five squares of each row, while the rest of the squares are left blank.

The basic difference is in the card arrangements. A 75 ball bingo uses a single card, whereas a 90 Ball Bingo uses a strip that contains 6 tickets. Each game usually has three patterns, and the winning patterns are always the same. As each game has 3 patterns, there are prizes associated with each pattern in the game. The patterns are as follows:

1) Single line across: the first player, who crosses off any of the horizontal lines on the card, wins the game.

2) Two lines across: the first player, who can cross off the full two lines amongst any of the horizontal lines on the card, wins the game.

3) A Full House: The first player to cross off all the three horizontal lines on the card, in other words all the squares are crossed off, wins the game.

The 90 Ball Bingo Game is usually played always with a strip of 6 tickets. The all 90 digits are distributed in a Dab-all format throughout in each of the strip (containing 6 tickets). At each bingo call a number is crossed off from the strip (any of the 6 tickets), which means that every possible number from 1 to 90 is covered if a strip is played is played in a 90 Ball Bingo Game.

Purchasing of the card:

The player can purchase a card, simply by selecting the kind of card he wants to purchase. He just needs to click on the card, using his mouse. Then all he needs to do is to click on the icon, which says ‘Buy Tickets’. The screen will show ‘Ticket Bought” and the card will change its colour. Now the player is ready to play.

To show the player how far he is from winning the Bingo game, the 90 Ball Bingo Game makes use of different colours and corresponding digits. The colour changes will indicate how far the player is from winning the game.

This game is offered through various sites in their own styles and also with several different variations in the form of playing. The sites have different layouts and design also. The colours are vibrant to make the player feel good while playing.

The 90 Ball Bingo Game is a fun experience that will make you smile and gives you the opportunity to win some good money.