80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo Game. Basic information and description of 80 ball bingo game online.

As one thinks of bingo games, the immediate thought that comes to the mind are the game varieties, the 75 ball bingo game and 90 ball bingo game. These are the games we all have played and also enjoyed to the utmost. But the bingo games have again come up with a completely new form of bingo games, called the 80 Ball Bingo Game.

The 80 Ball Bingo Game is a game, which has its specialty stemming from the distinct bingo cards that it uses while playing. The game is very unique in character, and it is a brand new variety of the online bingo games.

In this bingo game the tickets or the cards are made into 4 rows and 4 columns. Here every column sports a different colour. When the numbers are called up by the announcer, the cards in the 80 Ball Bingo game are marked off by closing the slides, thus covering them. Hence, it is also known as a shutter.

Unlike the 75 Ball Bingo and 90 Ball Bingo, the 80 Ball Bingo game is a faster game, which surpasses both the other bingo games. This is one of the key and most important reasons as to why many players have opted for this online bingo game. The game is extremely fast – paced and is also very action packed. Thus, it allows the player to experience a whole lot of speed and thrill.

Purchasing the Card: To start playing the game, the player first needs to click on the icon saying “ticket selector” situated just above the cards, to choose the kind of cards he wants to play with. The 80 Ball Bingo game card board is similar to a 75 ball bingo but with slight modifications.

The card consists of total possible 80 numbers with 5 rows of 16 digits. These numbers are again divided into a group of 4 with different colours and after an interval of 20 digits.

Winning Patterns One of the most interesting and exciting features of the 80 Ball Bingo game is the wide variety of winning patterns it offers. The patterns include:

1. Full House: A full house win is for the first player who crosses off all the numbers of the card

2. Horizontal Line: the player who crosses off the horizontal lines first, wins the associated prize

3. Diagonal Lines : the first player to cross of the number in a diagonal line

4. Vertical Lines: the first player to cross off the numbers in a vertical line

5. Big X: the player who first crosses off the numbers in form where it makes an ‘X’

6. Letter S: same as above except that the format formed is letter ‘S’

7. Double Line: the first player to cross off two lines either vertically or horizontally.

Any player who has played a 75 ball bingo and a 90 ball bingo will find an 80 Ball Bingo Game wonderfully easy to play. As regards to banking, the sites are perfectly secure with regards to any fraud or criminal activity.

Like other Bingo games, the 80 Ball Bingo Game offers the player incredibly good customer support, which is available on a 24 hour basis, huge bonuses and massive jackpots.